Properly applied paint:

Protects and enhances your office & home environment; protects your investment.

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Painting is where we started. It’s where we first earned our reputation for quality workmanship, high standards and working within budgets and meeting deadlines. We know what Phoenix and southern Arizona weather can do to paint and we know what products to use to protect your investment and your environment.

Interior Painting

People look closely at the interior of your home or office; it’s a reflection of you and your values.

A professional, clean look is important in an office or work place. It helps reassure your clients that you have what it takes to service their needs.

A living space has different requirements. But, it is still important to reflect a clean and complete atmosphere.

When our staff is working in your home or office, we are conscience of your need for neatness, cleanliness, and professionalism.

Exterior Painting

You may be tempted to say, “One more year won’t hurt.” But many outside building materials depend on a good coat of paint to protect them from the elements.

There are four phases in the life of a paint job:

  1. The first is newly painted and beautiful.
  2. The second is weathered and needing recoating. Simply recoating with the same finish as originally used brings it back to new looking.
  3. The third has weathered to the point that the sub-straight or basic material is exposed. Now it needs to be primed and refinish coated. This new phase may occur in just the passing of one year. At this point waiting a short period of time equates to an additional 50% or more in the cost of a repaint, in some cases. However, painting at this time could very possibly bring the paint job to a “like new” condition.
  4. Phase four is having allowed the surface to weather to the point that the elements are damaging the surface. Repainting may not bring back the “like new” look ever again. Worse, some rebuilding or replacement of parts could be needed, increasing the cost.

Clear finishes such as varnish or polyurethanes jump from phase two, just recoat, to phase four, leaving permanent damage very quickly. Clear finishes rarely last two summer seasons without some residual damage. Most exposed wood surfaces need yearly maintenance.

How to do your own painting

Many people take on the task of doing the job themselves. Sharp painting can work with you to do the things that aren’t quite “do it yourself” friendly. Maybe it’s the high ceilings you can’t reach or don’t want to do. Or, maybe it’s the doors you’d like a professional to do.

On the outside some like to do the trim but not the body. Others want only to do the body.

Sharp Painting allows you to do the parts you want to do.

We are dedicated to excellence and to your satisfaction.

Call us for your home remodeling and construction needs. Let us quote on your home improvement dreams and put our decades of experience to work for you.

We are an Arizona licensed contractor and authorized as a general remodeling & repair contractor as well as a painting & wall covering contractor.


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